Patient-Oriented Services

Patient-Oriented Services

I. Being in Contact with Patient:

With Bumer Health, Patients can;

• via website,

• contact Bumer Health Patient Relations Specialists by telephone or email

II. Information about Treatment Process:

Should the clients wish to be here within the process of planning for the surgery, we will feel happy to plan the treatment process along with them.

However, if the patients communicate with us and send all their medical data and examination results, we will contact specialist doctors and share patient-dedicate treatment plans with the patients.

In the event more than one treatment method is to be applied for the patient, patient will be contacted and the most appropriate treatment will be determined.

Bumer Health will always make plans together with the patients by quickly accessing the medical assessments of the doctors who are the best in their fields of specialization. Patient’s status will be evaluated within 24 hours and patient is informed.


Patients will have possibility to make comparisons by accessing all the information about all the centers where they could receive treatment from.

Patients can have information about all the medical technologies to be used in their treatment and hence can make their own comparisons.

By accessing all alternative cost and price options for medical treatment, patients may make comparisons and thus they can choose the most adequate option that fits their budget.

III. Arrival in Turkey:

* Flights are booked and tickets are purchased by Bumer Health or the patient at the patient’s option.

* In cases when patients need to be hosted at a hotel prior to or during treatment, hotel bookings will be made by Bumer Health at their own choices. Bumer Health has contracted hotels at locations nearby the hospitals in Turkey. Among the hotel alternatives provided to them, patients may also choose the hotel they would stay according to their budgets.

* Upon their arrival in Turkey, patients are received at the airport by Bumar Health representatives and smoothly transferred to their hotels or hospitals.

* A mobile phone line will be dedicated and given to patients during their medical treatment process.

IV. Treatment Process:

Treatments will be provided by JCI certified high medical technology and at hospitals where the best doctors are employed.

On the day when patients need to attend their medical treatment, Bumer Health will handle transfer services to the patients from their hotels or the airport to the hospital.

Thanks to Bumer Health assistants who will escort the patients to the hospital and patients will not suffer communication difficulties as the assistant escorting them will be conversing in the same language as the patient. Bumer Health will attend patients 24/7.

Every single stage of the treatment will be followed by Bumer Health doctors.

V. Departing from Turkey

Bumer Health handles and takes care of all arrangements for patients on the day they are discharged from the hospital.

Before leaving the hospital, patients will be provided with thorough information about revisiting appointments and post-operative care.

Patients will be given free of charge transfer service to the airport.

When asked by the patient, touristic journeys can be arranged by Bumer Health at the patient’s cost and expense.

VI. Post Treatment Services:

After patients return to their home countries, they can always be in contact with Bumer Health for post-treatment care.

You are not required to look for hospitals, treatment options and price alternatives for your medical treatments. Bumer Health does all the work for you. It makes researches and shares all the alternatives with you.

All treatment processes of the patients will be followed up by Bumer Health team and Bumer Health doctors and patients themselves as well as their relatives will be regularly informed.